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In my years of experience in advertising, one of the most valuable questions I ask a client is, “How many calls did you receive from our campaign?” There are typically 2 answers I hear:

1) “Yes, we asked how our customers found out about us and tied them back to the campaign.”


2) “No, we don’t do any tracking.”

While tracking one advertising platform is more beneficial than tracking none, customers often don’t REALLY know how they found you. Multiple platforms (TV, SEM, Social) may have encouraged their call, but they might only list one. My favorite story I heard from a client was about a customer who called and said they saw their ad on YouTube. The client didn’t have a YouTube account and wasn’t even buying video advertising!

Without thorough measurement, it’s hard to know how well your marketing campaign is performing. This is where Call Tracking Numbers come into play. By adding call tracking numbers to your campaign, you’re able to track the length of calls, who they are from, jot down notes about the calls, and much more! At the end of the week, month, year, you’re able to see what performed the best and give each call a value!

Call tracking numbers are not only beneficial to you, but to your agency as well. We find it valuable to listen to call quality to optimize your campaign. If we hear customers calling for a product that you don’t provide, we can add that product as negative keyword in our SEM campaign so you don’t get more of those calls. When calls come in that mention a product that you value higher than others, we can adjust the campaign to receive more of those calls! It’s a great way to keep the business and your agency in check.

These phone numbers are not expensive at all! There are many services that provide call tracking for a small monthly cost. Our agency, however, provides call tracking for any marketing solutions we run.

If you’re interested in starting a marketing campaign with Rogers Advertising or have questions about Call Tracking, please contact us! It costs nothing to ask.