Scam Alert: Blue Rocket SEO Invoice

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Written by Rene Carling

May 23, 2023
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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, it is crucial for businesses to remain vigilant and protect themselves from potential scams and fraudulent activities. Recently, a concerning scam has surfaced, targeting businesses with false invoices under the name of Blue Rocket SEO. We want to ensure that you are well-informed about this issue and equipped to safeguard your business against financial harm.

What is the Blue Rocket SEO Invoice Scam?

The Blue Rocket SEO invoice scam operates by exploiting the trust and credibility that legitimate service providers have built within the industry. Scammers created Blue Rocket SEO to send fraudulent invoices to unsuspecting businesses. They went as far as creating a website for the business to convince businesses that they are a legitimate business. These invoices are carefully crafted to appear genuine, often containing detailed project descriptions, dates, and payment instructions, luring recipients into making unauthorized payments of $99.58. or $95.87.

The invoice pictured is from one of our clients here in Hampton Roads who received this invoice via fax on May 23rd, 2023.

Blue Rocket SEO Invoice | Scam Alert

Steps to Take If You Suspect An Invoice Scam

To safeguard your business from falling victim to this scam or others, it is important to take the following preventive measures:

Scrutinize Invoice Details

Carefully examine any invoice you receive, particularly from service providers such as Blue Rocket SEO. Look for any inconsistencies or discrepancies, including changes in payment details or unfamiliar contact information. Pay close attention to the accuracy of the project descriptions and verify their legitimacy. Most invoices our clients receive for marketing will be from our agency. Should an invoice be sent directly to you, from a vendor, we will likely provide you with a notice well in advance.

Verify The Source

Confirm the authenticity of the invoice by independently verifying the contact details. Use trusted resources, like your Rogers Advertising account manager, to validate the invoice. Do not rely solely on the contact information provided in the suspicious invoice.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. When we did, we noticed that Blue Rocket SEO was NOT accredited and even had an alert for previous fake invoices.

Educate Your Team

Ensure that your staff is aware of this scam and the potential risks it poses. Educate them about the importance of scrutinizing invoices and exercising caution when dealing with financial matters. Encourage an environment of open communication, where any suspicious emails or invoices can be reported promptly.

Strengthen Payment Protocols

Review and enhance your internal payment verification processes. Implement a two-step verification system for invoice approval, involving multiple team members who can cross-check the invoice details and validate their authenticity before any significant payments are made.

Report Fradulent Activity

If you encounter a fraudulent invoice or suspect any unauthorized activity, take immediate action. Report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission. By reporting such incidents, you not only protect your own business but also contribute to the collective effort against scammers.

Remaining vigilant and taking proactive measures to protect your business from scams like the Blue Rocket SEO invoice scam is essential. By staying informed and implementing the necessary safeguards, you can safeguard your finances, reputation, and valuable business resources.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this scam or need further guidance on how to protect your business, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team is here to support you and provide the necessary assistance.

Remember, your business’s security and well-being are our top priorities. Stay informed, stay cautious, and together we can combat fraudulent activities in the digital marketing industry.

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