How It Works

Depending on your needs, Rogers Advertising may recommend that you advertise via the web (online advertising), television, radio, print or outdoor… and most likely, a combination. Online advertising is an increasingly important element of effective marketing and includes display ads, online video, social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and mobile media.

Our first hand experience with hundreds of clients has given us the expertise and skills needed to build a comprehensive campaign for your business.  We are proud of our client partnerships, and we take your goals very seriously, even personally, each and every day.

After fully understanding your company’s goals and budget, we will devise a cohesive media and marketing plan that most efficiently and effectively achieves your goals.

Once you approve the media plan, our creative team will design and implement all the elements, including copy writing, audio/video production, graphic design, direct mail, web design and online video.

We work together with the common objective to help you attract, convert and retain customers.  In short… we get results!

Why Hire an Agency?

If you’ve ever asked yourself…How can I generate more leads or traffic? Which advertising options are best for my business? How can I measure my advertising to show me what’s working? Rogers Advertising is the answer to all of those questions, because we:

  • Share the knowledge of our Advertising & Marketing experience
  • Set, monitor and achieve your goals
  • Develop a disciplined Marketing approach… a road-map, if you will
  • Coordinate the message(s) communicated in all media
  • Optimize all media forms available
  • Minimize personnel time, concerns and costs
  • Provide agency discounts in mass media that help to stretch your ad dollars
  • Maximize the performance of your advertising dollars (with no waste)
  • Get Results!

We challenge standards, we challenge ourselves and we challenge our clients to make smart decisions (which, by the way, may not be the most popular or easiest to make, however they get your desired results).  Rogers Advertising will help you attract, convert and retain customers!

The Process


Effective advertising is the result of understanding the goal(s) of the client, setting mutually agreed upon benchmarks and measurably delivering the desired results through the most innovative, cost efficient manners.

We effectively lay the blueprint for where, when and how to communicate with consumers through our media plans.  Every media plan is unique to the clients’ needs; however all are similar in that they produce desired results and get the “biggest bang for the buck.”

The Creative

Once a media plan is in place, Rogers Advertising customizes a cohesive advertising campaign that builds your brand and keeps your business top of mind.

We don’t assume what works for one client will work for another.  Our bottom-line is to achieve results, and we do that by putting ourselves in your customers’ shoes and designing your advertising campaign around them.  We study your audience inside & out and anticipate their next move… sometimes even before they know it. We use this understanding to develop compelling television, Internet, radio, print and outdoor campaigns.

Whether your campaign calls for a new logo, website, brochure, billboard or commercial, our creative professionals will design a unique look and message that gets your business noticed and delivers results.

Media Buying

Execution is the key to this very important step.  Timing, negotiation, and placement are essential to the success of buying media effectively.  Buying media effectively involves pinpointed “reach“ techniques and maximum exposure (or frequency) of your message that, in turn, makes your business stand out and generates the necessary results.



We hope that you are so impressed with what Rogers Advertising can do for you that you choose to make an annual commitment with us to develop and implement your advertising campaigns.  This agreement is in the form of an agency retainer or commission structure that correlates to the media placed on behalf of our clients.  These commissions cover the time and services provided by Rogers Advertising LLC as well as the creative ideas developed.  The commissions do not cover costs associated with production of creative elements or any incremental costs such as travel associated with service to the client.

A la Carte

If you prefer to be more hands on with your marketing efforts yet feel the need for help in certain areas, you can hire Rogers Advertising on a case-by-case basis.  This agreement is a fee/commission structure and is commensurate to the creative services and media placement provided.  The fee/commission covers the time, services and creativity provided by Rogers Advertising LLC.  The commissions do not cover costs associated with production of creative elements or any incremental costs such as travel associated with service to the client.