6 Essential Videos for Small Businesses

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Written by Mitzi Andrews

September 8, 2023
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Dentist and assistant sit and examine xray on screen with patient | Videos for Small Businesses

Videos have become an essential tool for small businesses to connect with their audience, showcase their unique offerings, and leave a lasting impression. From educational videos to customer testimonials, each video type serves a specific purpose in engaging viewers and driving business growth. We’ll explore the various types of videos that small businesses should consider incorporating into their marketing strategy.

Types of Videos for Small Businesses

Video has the unique ability to evoke emotion through visual storytelling. While many businesses focus on sales and revenue, video can show the more human aspect of a business. Telling stories that connect businesses to customers is what we do!

Videos can be utilized through a variety of marketing applications such as website content, social media video ads, digital marketing, and television advertising. Our videos may also be used in-house for employee training or waiting room content for education/entertainment.

- Business Overviews - Why Choose Us

A business overview video provides a glimpse into your company, its values, and the people behind it. By showcasing the faces and personalities of your team, you humanize your brand and create a strong first impression. These videos can highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) and demonstrate what sets you apart from competitors. Business overview videos are perfect for your website’s homepage or social media profiles.

HammondTownsend is THE Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation Law Firm. They fight for injured workers and demonstrate that in their “About Us” video.

- Customer Testimonials - Sharing Experiences

There’s no better way to build trust and credibility than by sharing authentic stories of satisfied customers. Customer testimonial videos allow real people to share their positive experiences with your products or services, serving as modern-day word-of-mouth recommendations. These videos create an emotional connection with prospective customers, helping them relate to similar concerns and fostering trust in your business.

Check out this customer testimonial we created for Tousle by Dupré’s. We meet Ronda and hear about her experience after receiving hair extensions.

- Introduction Videos - Meet Our People

Introduction videos, or Bio videos, offer an opportunity for owners and employees to introduce themselves personally. Beyond qualifications and credentials, these videos allow prospective customers to get a sense of the team’s personality, demeanor, and values. By establishing a connection on a human level, bio videos help build trust and strengthen the customer-business relationship.

Meet Dr. Christopher Dawson, Interventional Pain Treatment Specialist at TPMG. Dr. Dawson goes through his early ties to the Tidewater area and how his specialty changes the lives of his patients.

- Technology Showcase - Unleashing Innovation

If your business utilizes cutting-edge technology or innovative solutions, technology videos can effectively demonstrate their functionality and benefits. These videos showcase the state-of-the-art equipment or software you offer, explaining how they work and how they improve the customer experience. By highlighting the advantages of your technology or innovation, you can capture the attention of tech-savvy customers and position your business as an industry leader.

With thoughtful innovations like a slightly lowered second button, Ledbury fits every occasion as perfectly as it fits you.

- Event Videos - Spark Excitement and Action

Long-format event videos have the power to captivate and inspire your audience. Whether you’re organizing a trade show, corporate event, or fundraising initiative, these videos can be used to share the highlights, convey the atmosphere, and evoke emotions. With more time to tell a compelling story, event videos leave a lasting impression and motivate viewers to take action. They can be used in post-event promotions, internal training, recruitment, or as fundraising tools.

LifeNet Health is a non-profit, global leader in regenerative medicine and life sciences. They fulfill their life-changing mission by focusing efforts in three core areas, one of which being LifeNet Health’s Organ Procurement Organization, which saves more than 500 lives annually through transplantation. This video tells Yvonne’s Story and was used to encourage organ donation.

- Advertising Videos - Promote Offers & Services

Video ads are typically shorter in length than other marketing videos. At 30 seconds or less, these short-form video advertisements focus on a specific message, such as your USP (unique selling proposition), competitive pricing, or a key service.

This video for Smith & Keene was designed specifically for social media. By formatting it in a 4×5 aspect ratio instead of 16×9, we are able to fill the mobile device screen. It also utilizes text graphics and minimal audio since most social videos play in the feed with the sound turned off.

Video Production Frequently Asked Questions

Is video really necessary for my marketing plan?

Absolutely! Video content on your website boosts your SEO. In addition to improving your Google search ranking, your video can be utilized in social media to engage with your audience and attract new followers. Oftentimes, these videos are an opportunity for a prospective customer to “meet” your staff… and can be the ultimate reason a prospect becomes a customer.

How much does it cost to produce a video?

Rogers Advertising’s videos can be worked into any marketing budget. Short social media video ads start around $500. Talk to us about your goals and objectives, and our team can help devise a video marketing plan that is both affordable and effective.

How do I determine which types of videos are most suitable for my small business?

The most suitable types of videos for your small business depend on factors such as your target audience, industry, goals, and resources. Conducting market research, understanding your customers’ preferences, and identifying your specific objectives can help guide your decision. Consulting with a marketing agency experienced in video production can also provide valuable insights and recommendations.

What makes bio videos a valuable tool for connecting with customers?

Bio videos allow owners and employees to introduce themselves personally, showcasing their personalities, expertise, and passion for the business. By providing a more human touch, bio videos help to establish a connection with customers, build trust, and create a sense of familiarity, which can be influential in attracting and retaining customers.

Leveraging Videos for Small Businesses

Incorporating a variety of videos into your small business marketing strategy can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility, engagement, and conversion rates. From educational and testimonial videos that educate and inspire your audience to business overviews, technology showcases, event videos, and personal bios that provide a glimpse into your brand’s personality, each video type serves a unique purpose in telling your brand’s story, building trust, and motivating action. By embracing the power of visual storytelling, you can tap into the emotional impact that videos have on your target audience.

At Rogers Advertising, we understand the importance of leveraging videos to drive your business forward. That’s why we offer a range of video marketing services tailored to small businesses like yours. Our experienced team can help you create compelling videos that captivate your audience and deliver your message effectively. Whether you need assistance with scriptwriting, production, or post-production, we’ve got you covered.

To explore the possibilities and discover how video marketing can benefit your small business, we invite you to schedule a free marketing consultation with our experts. During this consultation, we’ll dive into your business goals, target audience, and discuss how incorporating videos can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your brand and engage your customers on a whole new level.

Contact us today to schedule your free marketing consultation and unlock the potential of video marketing for your small business. Together, let’s create compelling videos that leave a lasting impression and drive your business toward success.

Mitzi Andrews

Mitzi Andrews, Creative Director, grew up in Hampton Roads and uses her video production experience in this market to help businesses and organizations (local, regional, and national) reach their customers and meet their goals.

About Mitzi Andrews

Mitzi Andrews, Creative Director, grew up in Hampton Roads and uses her video production experience in this market to help businesses and organizations (local, regional, and national) reach their customers and meet their goals.

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