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Working with a good advertising agency provides you and your business with many benefits. While some shy away from agencies, fearful of cost, a deeper look into what a qualified agency provides demonstrates that hiring an ad agency is the best investment you can make for your company.

Benefit #1: Your Success Is The Top Priority

A good ad agency has the primary focus of meeting your business goals and objectives. An ad agency is significantly different from a media company. Most media companies must balance “selling” what is best for their client and selling their company products. A qualified ad agency only recommends a plan using the platforms and mediums that will meet your goals and grow your business. A successful advertising agency is objective, designing customized marketing plans that will work for your business.

Benefit #2: Tracking Results

Some businesses have invested thousands of dollars in a media buy that resulted in an unknown amount of leads. A qualified advertising agency is measured on its ability to generate leads and revenue for your businesses.

Your advertising agency will work to connect the dots between the marketing money you are investing and the trackable results. They will demonstrate how media buys and marketing tactics tie to leads and sales for your business.

If you are not sure where leads are coming from or which media buys are working, an advertising agency will benefit your company. And, knowing more about where leads generate can save you big on your marketing budget.

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Benefit #3: Precision Planning And Buying

Ever work with a company that kept asking you to spend more money to meet your sales goals? Throwing money at a problem is not the same as delivering results. A good ad agency will develop a plan that puts your best message in front of the right people, at the right time, for the best return on your investment. An experienced ad firm will eliminate wasted advertising spending and shift marketing budget to the mediums that are workhorses for your company – delivering the most leads for the best cost per lead.

Benefit #4: Buying Power

An advertising agency of scale can leverage the marketing dollars they invest for all of their clients with media companies to negotiate better rates for your business. Some media companies even offer an agency discount that can be applied to agency fees or stretch your marketing budget further.

Benefit #5: Saving You Time

Marketing is a full-time job, and we should know! The time you spend writing and developing creative for social media posts, designing and sending email blasts to your subscribers, analyzing your website analytics to make sure everything is functioning properly takes a lot of time. By hiring a full-service ad agency, you can spend more time on your business operations. Do the math, if you or your staff are overwhelmed by the time spent on marketing, then a qualified ad agency is right for you.

Benefit #6: Single Point Of Contact

If you are handling all of your businesses’ marketing on your own, you probably have 10-20 contacts in your phone just for marketing vendors. Instead of having to contact each media vendor to change or update your marketing, you will have one point of contact when you work with a full-service advertising agency. No more communicating with multiple vendors. If you are looking to streamline communication, you will benefit from an advertising agency.

Benefit #7: Full-Service Team Without In-House Cost

When you hire a full-service marketing team you get the benefit of a team of marketing experts without the cost of hiring full-time employees in-house. The cost of hiring an in-house marketing team for your business, including vacation time and health benefits would cost so much more money than hiring a full-service marketing firm. A full-service firm also provides you with expert advice in every facet of your marketing, something a one-person in-house team cannot offer.

Benefit #8: Creative Continuity

A consumer must see your message an average of seven times before they contact your business. Each platform that communicates your message, from your website to your social media, television commercials to printed ads should all be communicating your brand messaging on-point. An experienced ad agency will ensure that your messaging is on brand and consistent.

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Whether you relate to one or all eight of these benefits, a qualified advertising agency can enhance your business. In working with an experienced advertising agency, you should see your leads and sales grow while your ROI improves. Additionally, you will have more time to focus on what you do best – run your business. Advertising agencies worker harder for your business because when you succeed, they succeed.

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