Celebrating 20 Years of Success: A Journey Through Rogers Advertising’s Lightbulb Moments

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Written by David Rogers

May 1, 2024
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As I reflect on Rogers Advertising’s 20th anniversary, I’m filled with a sense of pride and nostalgia. Two decades of innovation, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our clients have shaped our agency into what it is today – a beacon of excellence in the advertising industry.

From humble beginnings to becoming a renowned name in the field, our journey has been nothing short of remarkable. It’s a journey marked by milestones, challenges, and, most importantly, countless moments of inspiration – our “Lightbulb Moments.” These moments represent the sparks of creativity, the breakthroughs, and the instances where our collective efforts illuminated the path forward, both for us and our clients.


There is a humble way to brag on your business

When a business doesn’t want to “toot their own horn,” it can be challenging to find ways to encourage action. But with the power of testimonial videos, you can allow your customers to speak to the reasons why they chose your business. This has been a lightbulb moment for many small businesses as they find it to be a softer way to sell their products and services.

Testimonial videos are one of the 6 essential videos we think small businesses should have. Find out the other 5 video types.


A savvy marketing partner can provide valuable guidance during political seasons

During political ‘windows,’ the finite TV ad inventory can hinder businesses, but savvy media buyers, like Rogers Advertising, can plan for these windows. We pivot to less impacted platforms such as non-traditional media like OTT/Streaming Video, YouTube, and Social Media Video Ads to maintain our client’s brand share of voice and visibility. By seeking non-traditional channels that mirror TV ads, you can impact large audiences at a lower cost per thousands than you’d see during these political windows.

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Lean into an About Us video to tell your company’s story

In the fast-paced world of social media, the allure of short, viral videos is undeniable. Yet, for certain businesses, a deeper narrative and more time are needed to truly convey their message.

Enter ‘About Us’ videos – a powerful tool capable of showcasing an organization’s profound impact on its community. These videos go beyond fleeting moments, offering storytelling that resonates and drives lasting engagement. For non-profits, they serve as compelling avenues to inspire action and garner crucial support through donations. Embrace the potential of storytelling to connect authentically and leave a lasting impression on your audience, like so many of our clients have over the years.


Not all Facebook users have the same value to your brand

Understanding the true value of your social media audience is paramount for sustainable growth. Just as not all customers are equal, not all Facebook fans hold the same significance. Prioritizing quality over quantity is key.

A retailer with a distinct geographic footprint had been working with a firm who Inflated their Facebook fanbase with out-of-market and irrelevant followers. Rogers Advertising’s team refocused their page, and were able to cultivate an engaged and relevant community to drive meaningful interactions and ultimately, business success. The local retailer now has one of the largest, relevant and engaging Facebook fanbases of all the parent-company’s markets.


The same message, re-positioned, can drive better results

Creative messaging and wordsmithing can make all the difference in driving leads and sales. Instead of a generic “percentage-off” offer, opting for a message showcasing the specific dollar value proved to be more effective. Customers responded favorably to the tangible savings, leading to a significant boost in engagement and conversions.


Video can be the most powerful message to showcase your brand

The lightbulb moment materializes when clients recognize the distinctiveness of our video production services. Our best-in-class production team has a proven track-record of developing powerful videos at a great value.

There’s a vivid memory of a client expressing genuine surprise and admiration upon viewing the initial set of videos we produced. Their response—”they’re so beautiful”—resonated deeply, marking a significant acknowledgment of the exceptional quality and impact of our work.


Even established internal marketing teams can use an assist from a marketing agency

It’s quite heartening to learn that even clients with well-established marketing departments view external agencies as valuable sources of ideas and solutions. One such group shared that their team affectionately refers to our agency as “the team with the solutions” in their office. This anecdote reflects the trust and reliance clients place in our partnership when faced with campaign challenges, highlighting the collaborative nature of successful partnerships in the marketing industry.


Marketing messages can creatively overcome a challenge

Despite having a single location in a hyphenated market, our team developed a lightbulb marketing position to overcome this client’s geographical hurdle while also establishing them as a top dealer in the region by emphasizing a free pickup and delivery service. Our strategic promotion of this offer not only elevated their visibility but also positioned them as the go-to destination for automotive needs throughout the area.


Let data lead your decisions, not personal experiences

The lightbulb flickered to life as the realization dawned: “My audience doesn’t use media the way I do.” In that moment of clarity, the client embraced the profound truth that they were not their target audience. This revelation spurred a transformative shift in perspective, empowering them to tailor their marketing strategies to better resonate with the unique behaviors and preferences of their intended demographic.

Entrusting our agency’s perspective and suggestions, they recognized the value of our ability to think from the customer’s viewpoint, using data to guide media placement and ensuring their strategies were finely tuned to capture and engage their target audience effectively.


A memorable tagline can help form a brand identity

During a video shoot, an inspired moment struck me as I proposed a single line to the client—a line that resonated deeply with their identity and objectives. Embracing this suggestion, the client adopted the tagline, which has since become synonymous with their brand and remains a cornerstone of their advertising efforts.


Evaluate all of your client-facing platforms

In evaluating the marketing status of a new client, we uncovered the need for a responsive site. Despite experiencing high mobile traffic, their website was unresponsive. We highlighted the glaring disparity between their traffic and website functionality to the client and the lightbulb moment struck.

Recognizing the critical need for a mobile-responsive site, the client allowed us to transform their online presence and optimize user experience, ultimately enhancing engagement and conversions.


Leaving the marketing to the experts has perks beyond cost efficient marketing plans

Initially hesitant to relinquish control of their marketing efforts, having managed It Internally for nearly 30 years, our team showcased the benefits of working with Rogers Advertising. After a compelling presentation, the client decided to entrust our team with their marketing needs.

Not only did our team deliver on their ambitious expectations, but we also afforded the client the luxury of enjoying newfound free time, liberated from marketing worries, owing to our professional and efficacious approach.


Acknowledge market trends and lean into opportunities

With an aging population, our team recognized a specific product need that was not being marketed. With our help In developing a marketing strategy, this product became one of the client’s best converting projects. Being first-to-market, our client became known for this product. The tv commercial we developed promoting the product created a lightbulb moment to viewers, showcasing  how their life could be enhanced with this product.


Use data to make more than just marketing decisions

While analyzing a client’s data, we uncovered that one market was underperforming due to external factors, while other markets exhibited growth potential. A shift to marketing in the productive markets and shifting ad dollars there helped the client realize incremental growth in a more cost-efficient manner.


All leads are not created equal

While collaborating with our client, we identified inefficiencies in their SEM strategy employed by a previous agency. Through a thorough analysis, we discovered that the focus on broad match keywords led to irrelevant search terms, resulting in high CPLs and low CPCs – ultimately the client was paying for unqualified leads.

By implementing targeted optimizations, we enabled the client to consistently obtain 40% of their monthly leads from SEM without increasing their spending, showcasing the importance of strategic SEM optimizations over mere budget allocation.

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Recognize the market and pivot products for success

When economic uncertainty caused buyer reluctancy for a big Investment product, our agency collaborated with our client to pivot to a lesser cost product that the client could move more quickly. By highlighting the benefits and cost-effectiveness of this pivoted-to product, we’ve seen a notable increase in customer awareness and engagement. Our client now holds a prominent position as the local leader in this niche market.


Partnering with a results-oriented marketing firm can help you expand and grow your business long-term

After working with Rogers Advertising, we find that our clients can grow their business, from scaling up their teams to broadening their service offerings. For several of our clients, we have provided them with the increase in demand and support to expand their brick-and-mortar business footprint.


Knee-jerk reactions can cause more harm than good

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous businesses scaled back their spending, some even disappearing from the market altogether. However, one of our clients chose a different path – we encouraged them to stay the course and embrace the challenge head-on. The result? 2020 emerged as their most successful year for leads, nearly doubling their previous record. With people spending more time at home, and fewer advertisers taking advantage of the Increased viewership, this client’s market share boomed.

This success story underscores the importance of resilience and strategic decision-making in turbulent times. When faced with external pressures, partnering with a marketing firm that comprehends the landscape, swiftly adapts, and offers invaluable guidance can redefine your business’s trajectory towards success.


Partnering with an ad agency is a cost-saving investment

Whether it’s TV or digital advertising, our agency’s buying power translates to direct savings for our clients. Many are pleasantly surprised to discover that utilizing our media buying services not only avoids inflated costs but often results in significant savings.

For example, in TV advertising, the standard 15% agency fee is absorbed from the overall price—money the client would have spent regardless of our involvement. Furthermore, our ability to negotiate bulk ad placements means clients receive more spots for their budget compared to individual efforts. This realization is further enhanced by the expertise of our team which ensures maximum advertising impact and efficiency while freeing up valuable time for our clients to focus on other aspects of their business.

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Marketing messages can set you apart from your competitors

We realized the power of storytelling in setting our legal client apart from the sea of generic legal TV commercials saturating the airwaves. Recognizing the need to stand out and connect on a deeper level with audiences, we pivoted towards narrative-driven content.

By weaving local narratives into their commercials, we helped localize the firm, positioning them as closer and more aligned with the interests of the local community. This shift not only differentiated our client from competitors but also fostered genuine engagement and resonance with viewers, ultimately driving stronger brand recognition and trust within the market.

And so, the countdown continues, each Lightbulb Moment touching every aspect of our marketing services – from video production to search engine marketing, social media, and branding/brand identity.

These moments aren’t isolated incidents; they permeate every facet of our agency’s operations, driving us to innovate and excel in each area of service. Whether it’s a breakthrough in video storytelling, a new approach to optimizing search engine visibility, a viral social media campaign, or a redefinition of brand identity – our Lightbulb Moments have left an indelible mark on our clients’ success stories.

But beyond just celebrating these moments, it’s essential to reflect on how they’ve collectively shaped our approach, fostered innovation, and strengthened our client relationships. Our commitment to excellence isn’t confined to one specific service; it’s a holistic dedication to delivering outstanding results across the board.

As we raise a toast to 20 years of success, let’s also look forward to the future with optimism and excitement. The advertising landscape may evolve, but our ability to generate transformative Lightbulb Moments will remain a constant, driving force in our journey ahead.

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David Rogers has held several positions including media planner/buyer, broadcast media executive, national marketing consultant, and agency President over his 30+ years of experience.

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