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Ever wanted to design a Facebook Cover Photo, but didn’t know how to make it look modern and sleek? Or maybe you wanted to create a flyer but Microsoft Word wasn’t cutting it. Well, I found your answer!

Canva is a website that makes even the most amateur of designers look like they own a graphic design agency. I tried out this website in hopes of creating simple, yet eye-catching graphics for a Facebook page that I managed. The results were astonishing and it couldn’t have been easier. I continue to use the application for our clients’ campaigns and I even used it for the blog photo above!

The application is simple to use with drag and drop capabilities. It also allows you to buy stock images, if you choose, or upload your own. With a vast selection of fonts, I never find myself stuck with an unappealing or generic style. There are even font templates that are already set up to produce interesting and unique designs, like the ones below.

Canva Pro is another option users have. The $9.95/mo subscription allows users to set up a brand kit, which includes templates, specific fonts, colors, and logos. This is a very handy feature if you don’t remember your HEX color code or font name by heart. You can also take one design and easily resize it for a different purpose. For example, if you create a Facebook cover photo, you can resize it to also be your Twitter Cover Photo, without redesigning it. This saves you a LOT of time and makes the $9.95/mo payment worth it. Did I mention that you can allow your team to have access to Canva? That means the $9.95/mo can be used by multiple people – even more cost-efficient.

Take it anywhere you go! With mobile and tablet compatibility, you can create social post images on the go!


  • Use this to update your social media platforms or create in-office flyers, brochures, and signage
  • The free version provides a lot of great simple features
  • If you find yourself using Canva on a daily basis, consider the Canva Pro upgrade

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