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Virginia Beach Gets Spicy!

Meet Jimmy Miller, the man, myth, and legend behind Speedy’s Hot Sauce and Sauce Shop in Virginia Beach. Produced in small batches, Speedy’s Hot Sauces add flavor and burn to whatever you’re eating – tacos, burgers, soups, and of course hot wings!

Jimmy Miller, owner of Speedy's Hot Sauce. (Judy Cowling/Freelance)

Jimmy Miller, owner of Speedy’s Sauce Shop in Virginia Beach, VA. (Judy Cowling/Freelance)

How It All Began

Back in the late 80s, early 90s, you could find Jimmy at Mr. T’s Tacos, a lively hole-in-the-wall across from Old Dominion University. A professor at ODU and frequent patron of Mr. T’s, Carl Boyd, often talked to Jimmy about his personal hot sauce – Death Sauce. Boyd’s Death Sauce was a carrot-based habanero hot sauce and very different from the Texas Pete and Tabasco Jimmy was used to using.

In 1996, Jimmy decided to make his first hot sauce in the kitchen of his apartment on Brandon Avenue in Norfolk, VA.  Since then, things have been fairly consistent and Speedy’s has been growing in popularity.

Featured Products

All Speedy’s Hot Sauces are made from locally grown peppers and are produced with a dash of love. Owner Jimmy Miller prides himself on perfectly balancing heat, flavor, and freshness to enhance, not overpower what you’re eating.

If you’re looking for a versatile hot sauce, consider Speedy’s #44, The Original. The carrot-based habanero hot sauce, inspired by Carl Boyd’s “Death Sauce”, is a perfect mix of smoky and savory flavors. For years it’s been their best-selling hot sauce and for good reason!

If you’re looking for something a bit different, try Speedy’s newest hot sauce – Mango Crush!

It’s Review Preview Time!

At Rogers Advertising, we set up review previews with our clients to review the results, trials, and tribulations they’ve experienced recently and to preview what they are hoping to see in future months. So we asked Jimmy for a review and preview of his business.

What have been your proudest moments?

“Making the transition from wholesaler to co-packer and retailer as well.” The store in general has been a big accomplishment in Jimmy’s life. His sauce shop carries a variety of hot sauces, dry rubs, bloody mary mixes, and much more!

In the past few years, what has been your biggest obstacle?

As with many local business owners, time and money are Jimmy’s biggest obstacles. “Sacrifices have to be made to do your own thing and grow.”

What are your future plans?

“The goals are always the same in business and life. Make the money that allows you the freedom to live the way you want. Go your own way.”

Advice For Other Local Business Owners

Make and produce a product or service that speaks for itself. Do what you desire for the creative side. Don’t expect anyone to do it for you. Nothing is free. There will be plenty of decisions that will be made based on money, but if you are creating, those choices are not as hard. Live the dream; if you aren’t then don’t be afraid to move on. Keep going forward even if it is away.

If you’re ready to spice up your next meal, you can buy Jimmy’s hot sauces on his website or swing on by Speedy’s Sauce Shop in Virginia Beach. You can also find Speedy’s Hot Sauces in a variety of restaurants across the Southside.

Make sure you give Jimmy a follow on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss any saucy news!

Jimmy Miller in front of his sauce shop, Speedy's Sauce Shop

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