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Written by Courtney Sippy

February 10, 2024
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We know that thinking of different social media content ideas can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to keep things unique. How do we know this? We do it every day for our clients. When it comes to varying content, we find businesses run into these 3 common issues.

Issue #1: Too Much Push, Not Enough Pull

What do we mean by this? Push content is when you’re advertising your business, while pull content is engaging your audience. When a social media page has too many push posts, it can literally PUSH your audience away. Making sure you vary the content helps educate your audience on your business sales & offers but also encourages them to take part in a conversation with you!

Issue #2: Repetitive Content

This ties in with the above in that you want to vary your content between push and pull, so you don’t have repetitive content on your social media feeds. No customer wants to see the same sale offer over and over again for weeks. We understand that you want to boost sales – every business owner does – but social media isn’t the place to be pushy.

Try This

Think of your three most visited Social Media Pages – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok. Now study their posts, especially the ones you interact or engage with. Are they mostly sales posts or do they offer you something more – a nugget of information, behind-the-scenes photos, a glimpse into their history, perhaps?

If YOU’RE engaging with it, it probably means that others are too. Use this as inspiration for your social media content calendar.

Issue #3: Lack of Consistency

Social media algorithms, like search engine algorithms, are tricky. One thing we do know is that consistency is key when it comes to scheduling social media content. We know that most businesses can’t sustain making a post every day, it takes a LOT of content ideas to maintain that. We find that when businesses make 2-3 thoughtful posts per week with varying content, they can nurture a consistent audience.

We’re Here To Help!

Our team at Rogers Advertising comes up with HUNDREDS of social media post ideas every day, so we thought, why not share it with other small business owners looking for social media content ideas as well.

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Enjoy 30 Days of Social Media Content Ideas

Our team has created a list of 30 social media content ideas for small businesses. Our content calendar is full of push and pull posts to give your social media account the range your account needs!

Push Posts Included

The 30 Days of Social Media Content Ideas is full of push posts based on what we see perform well for our clients. Below are a few examples of what you can expect.

Product/Service Highlight

Have a product or service you need to push? This is a great time to do that. Be sure to demonstrate a benefit to the customer and have a strong call-to-action – phone number or link to your website.

Share What’s New

Introduce your audience to a new product or service you’re now offering. Bonus points if it’s an early bird exclusive.

Share USPs

Share what makes you different from your competitors. Unsure of how to define your USP? Check out our blog where you learn how to do just that!

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Pull Posts Included

In addition to pushing sales and your business, we incorporated some pull posts to help you engage with your audience. A few examples of pull posts are as follows.

Poll Your Followers

Simply ask a question and get to know your audience better. This is a phenomenal way to increase engagement – just make sure you’re posting when most of your audience is likely to be on their social media accounts.

Celebrate A Holiday

In addition to the commonly celebrated holidays, there are a BUNCH of wacky ones that can align with your business. Check out this holiday finder – you might be surprised what kind of things are celebrated.

Behind The Scenes

What really makes your business unique are the people! Be sure to share behind-the-scenes photos that demonstrate your company’s culture. Fans want to see you and your team bonding, sharing a laugh, working hard to develop new products, or just being themselves!

Haygood Skating Social Media Post - Rogers Advertising

Stretch Out The Content

We are providing 30 days of social media content ideas, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them over 30 consecutive days. Remember, as long as you’re consistent with your posting, you can maintain a reasonably engaged audience.

If you were to post 2-3 every week, you can have 10+ weeks of content under your belt! Then all you have to do is go back to the top and start again.

30 Days of Social Media Content

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