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When a business owner acknowledges that it is time to seek specialized help handling the advertising and marketing aspects of their business, there are several avenues to consider. Some companies seek to hire candidates internally to manage their marketing. This option typically becomes quite an expensive path. Pending the size of the business, it is often a best option to partner with an experienced full-service ad agency to manage your business’ marketing needs.

What Is A Full-Service Advertising Agency?

A full-service advertising agency is a team of marketers with members specializing in all aspects of marketing and advertising. A one-stop shop for marketing, a full-service advertising agency is equipped to handle every element of your marketing. In today’s world, businesses need to connect with consumers in many platforms.

You need to connect with current customers internally through mailings, emails, and newsletters; connect with future potential customers through external marketing channels such as video and radio commercials; have your brand in front of potential in-market customers through pay-per-click search advertising; manage your digital footprint through your website and search ranking SEO; manage your social media presence through your social media outlets and in responding to reviews and social media engagement. We call it 360-marketing. A marketing team that handles every degree surrounding the marketing of your business.

#1 | Agencies Save You Time

Peace Of Mind Working With A Full-Service Marketing Firm

When you work with a full-service advertising agency, gone are the sleepless nights worrying about your business’ marketing plan. So many business owners remark they have a sense of relief and peace of mind knowing a full-service advertising firm is best managing their business’s marketing budget.

Working with a full-service advertising agency means you are working with a team of specialists, each an expert in their field. Your ad agency marketing team works together to manage your brand in the marketplace using the best-in-class tactics with the same goal of maximizing your marketing budget to reach your business goals.

More Time To Focus On What You Do Best – Your Business

If you find yourself spending hours of time meeting with advertising vendors, making decisions on creative messaging, communicating and negotiating rates for your advertising, and handling media invoices, partnering with a full-service ad agency can save you time. When you work with a full-service advertising agency, that team works as an extension of your team. All communication through outside vendors and media partners is funneled through your full-service ad agency. You will have one point of contact for your marketing – your full-service marketing team.

When you are free of performing these marketing tasks you have more time to focus on the bigger picture – your business.

#2 | Agencies Save You Money

One of the most appealing benefits of working with an experienced full-service advertising agency is the money-saving perk. When you hire a qualified full-service ad agency to handle your marketing, it saves you money by being the most cost-efficient manner to acquire this level of talent, maximizes your advertising budget by eliminating overlap and inefficiencies, and optimizing across a multi-platform campaign.

The Most Cost-Efficient Manner To Acquire Top-Level Marketing Talent

Hiring an ad agency on retainer or based on a percentage of your marketing budget allows you access to a best-in-class marketing team at a fraction of the cost it would require to hire this level of talent in-house. When you hire a full-service marketing team, you get the benefit of a team of marketing experts without the cost of hiring full-time employees in-house.

The cost of hiring an in-house marketing team for your business, including vacation time and health benefits, would cost much more money than hiring a full-service marketing firm. A full-service firm also provides you with expert advice in every facet of your marketing, something a one-person in-house team cannot offer. Partnering with one expert full-service ad agency, rather than several specialty boutique firms is also a more cost-efficient approach.

Maximizing Your Marketing Budget – Fee For Service Paying For Themselves

Working with a talented full-service ad agency means you will have every advantage of maximizing your marketing budget. Having one team managing all marketing platforms means that overlap of spending is a thing of the past.

With a fully integrated marketing plan, your full-service advertising agency can identify which marketing platforms are working most efficiently and reallocate funds to those platforms and away from under-performing platforms. This optimization of marketing tactics is accomplished because with an all-inclusive campaign your full-service agency will have access to the tracking results of each marketing platform as well as data from your Google analytics and any other sales or revenue results you are willing to share.  In addition to the ability to optimize your marketing campaign and pivot – adjusting marketing platform strategies and media allocations, an ad agency can scale your campaign when needed.

Working with a full-service marketing team also means you share in the firm’s marketing buying power. A full-service advertising agency not only places marketing dollars on your behalf but also on the behalf of many other significant advertisers in your area. Managing a large marketing budget in your region allows for full-service advertising agencies to negotiate the best media rates on your behalf. Additionally, full-service ad agencies have deep partnerships with media vendors. Ad agencies can often better advocate for their clients owing to these relationships.

#3 | Agencies Keep Your Message Relevant And On-Point

Working with a full-service ad agency streamlines the communication process. One team works to craft your marketing message. That means it is ensured to be consistent across all marketing platforms. No need to worry if you have one offer on your website and another on your Facebook page. Your message will be consistent and cohesive. Because you are working with one team for your messaging it is quick and easy to pivot messaging across all mediums at once.

When you work with a full-service ad agency you will also be able to make changes to your messaging, being nimble when needed. If surviving the pandemic has taught marketers and business owners anything, it is the importance of being able to pivot and be nimble. Because you have open communication with your full-service ad agency, they will be able to see directly how your messaging is impacting results and if the messaging is not driving required results, they can easily make changes to ensure your brand remains relevant and on-point.

#4 | Agencies Are True Business Partners

Working with a full-service ad agency is an extension of your team. With open lines of communication, your marketing agency team will relay campaign results and insights on the back-end to you as you share information on the leads and sales on the front end with them. Based on this shared knowledge, your full-service ad agency is in part held accountable for achieving your business goals. This makes them a true partner. Their success is marked by your success.

Why Choose Rogers Advertising?


We care about the success of your business and helping you achieve your goals.


Media suggestions are based on math and research, not what's new or trending.


If you are ready to save your time, save your money, keep your messaging relevant and on-point, and have a true partner in growing your business, then you should consider hiring a full-service advertising agency. Think Rogers Advertising might be a good fit for you? We offer customized plans to meet your marketing needs. Schedule a free marketing consultation today. Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

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