Types of Videos

We produce educational videos, bio videos, customer stories and testimonials, business overview videos, technology videos, and event videos for trade shows and fundraisers.

Tell Your Story

Video has the unique ability to evoke emotion through visual storytelling. While many businesses focus on sales and revenue, video can show the more human aspect of a business. Telling stories that connect businesses to customers is what we do!

Videos can be utilized through a variety of marketing applications such as website content, social media video ads, digital marketing, and television advertising. Our videos may also be used in-house for employee training or waiting room content for education/entertainment.

Scroll through our video showcase below for examples of Rogers Advertising’s video work.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are modern day "word of mouth". These videos showcase real people's experiences with a business. Telling customers' stories in their own words is one of the most compelling ways to connect with prospective customers, especially ones facing the same or similar concerns.

Event & Fundraising Videos

Long format videos are powerful story telling tools that can be used for a variety of events such as trade shows, in-house training, corporate events, recruitment, and fundraising. With 2+ minutes to communicate your message, our event and fundraising videos are designed to enlighten, inspire and motivate action.

Overview Videos

Business overview videos are an opportunity to make a strong first impression on your customers. These videos provide a peek inside your business so prospective customers can get an idea of what they can expect from you. Rogers Advertising overview videos typically feature the owner, staff members, and customers describing the business in their own words.

Technology Videos

Technology videos allow businesses to showcase the state of the art equipment and unique benefits offered. It is important that these videos not only explain how the technology works but also how it benefits the consumer.

Bio Videos

A bio video is an opportunity for owners and employees to introduce themselves to prospective customers. Beyond an owner's list of qualifications and credentials, a video like this allows prospective customers to get a feel for their demeanor and personality.

Video Advertising

Video ads are typically shorter in length than other marketing videos. At 30 seconds or less, these short-form video advertisements focus on a specific message, such as your USP (unique selling proposition) or a key service.