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Helping medical practices acquire inquiries that convert to more patients through our customized marketing plans.

Free Marketing Consultation

The Rogers Advertising team loves helping medical practices reach their marketing goals! Connect with us to take advantage of our complimentary marketing consultation. Our marketing plans are customized to fit your practice objectives and budget.

    Marketing Plans That Deliver More Patients

    Every medical practice is unique, so your marketing plan should be too.  At Rogers Advertising, we take pride in aligning our marketing strategies with your practice’s unique goals and objectives. Our comprehensive marketing plans for medical practices strategically balance engaging and educating potential patients while recruiting qualified inquiries.

    As a full-service marketing and advertising firm, Rogers Advertising can help with one or all of your marketing needs. From digital marketing, video production, social media marketing, and media buying, we can help you increase qualified leads.

    Plus, we have a track record of helping local medical practices grow their patient counts while improving ROI. Our goal is to develop strategic cost-efficient marketing tactics that meet your practice’s goals.

    David and his team have really helped my pediatric practice and me have the visibility in the community that we needed to have to go up against bigger entities that have large marketing budgets. They have given the personal service that I have valued. Everyone at Roger’s has been dedicated, professional and ALWAYS available. Definitely a great organization.

    Bob Lehman

    Customized Marketing for Your Medical Practice

    Every medical practice is unique, so your marketing plan needs to be too. We take pride in aligning our marketing strategies with your practice's needs and wants.

    We use market research to produce content that aligns with your target audience, where they are most likely to consume that content.

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    5 Digital Marketing Services Your Medical Practice Needs

    Our comprehensive marketing plans typically involve at least 2 of these digital marketing tactics, but the best results come from when medical practices utilize nearly all efforts. Through years of experience, we've learned what works best to garner new patients and keep the current patients coming back regularly.

    1. Search Engine Marketing - We develop and manage your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign that drives qualified leads your way.  Also dubbed, Pay Per Click, this marketing tactic is key in getting your practice’s name in front of potential patients who are searching online for a group that performs your procedures.
    2. Social Media Management - Our team takes the heavy lifting of managing content on your social media outlets.  We know how to post relevant content on your Facebook page that will engage current patients and attract new likes and followers.
    3. Social Media Advertising - Expand your reach on social media by implementing social media advertising. These hyper-targeted ads can run on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more) to engage and attract new patients.
    4. Search Engine Optimization - SEO is key to maximizing the long-term value of your website. Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer a wonderful perk: automatically highlighting your website through their regular indexing of search results. SEO makes sure you take full advantage of this perk.
    5. Website Development - Your website gives customers a true sense of your business and services before they even walk through the door. Using the latest in content management and visual display technologies, our team will design a fresh new website to make your practice more compelling.
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    Leverage the Power of Video

    Videos, in their many forms, are advantageous to any marketing strategy, especially for medical practices. In working with many medical clients, we’ve seen how a video can really show the personality of a practice. Videos can also help ease concerns and allow prospective patients to connect with current patients who faced similar issues.

    The Power of Television

    As a mass medium, TV can work effectively to reach highly sought-after demographics. Television has high reach potential, high frequency and it’s among the most cost-efficient of all mediums.

    Today, viewers access television via their computer, cable, satellite, and digitally. Statistics indicate that television viewership is still much higher than streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. So for those who think that no one watches TV anymore, it’s important to remember that currently, the numbers say something different.

    When it's appropriate, we find adding television into a practice's marketing plan boosts brand awareness and lifts the success of other marketing strategies.

    Allow Patients To "Meet" Your Team with Video Marketing

    Medical Practices benefit significantly from Bio Videos and Testimonials. These videos in particular allow your potential patients to meet your team and allow them to feel comfortable knowing that other patients had similar concerns, but were able to find a solution with your practice.

    Types of Videos

    Bio Videos

    Introduce Yourself

    Customer Testimonials

    Modern Word-Of-Mouth

    Overview Videos

    Make A Strong First Impression

    Event & Fundraising Videos

    Enlighten, Inspire, & Motivate Action

    Technology Videos

    Spotlight The Benefits

    Video Advertising

    Promote Your Offers & Services

    The Power of Digital Video

    Video content on your website boosts your SEO. That means video content on your website improves your Google search ranking.

    In addition to improving your Google search ranking, your video can be utilized in social media to engage your audience and attract new followers. Your practice video is an opportunity for prospective patients to “meet” your team, and they can be the ultimate reason a patient makes an appointment at your office.

    Learn More About Video Production

    Our Process

    Our team understands the challenges of medical practices. Our goal is to identify areas of opportunity and strategically utilize resources to maximize your return on investment. We have a tried-and-true process to ensure your goals are laid out and clearly tied to every decision we outline in our customized marketing plans. We encourage monthly or quarterly meetings to review the impact our marketing plan has made and preview the upcoming months - critical in fine-tuning the ever-evolving plan.

    01. Initial Meeting

    02. Game Plan & Timelines

    03. Storytelling & Creative

    04. Execution, Review, and Preview

    Why Choose Rogers Advertising?


    We care about the success of your business and helping you achieve your goals.


    Media suggestions are based on math and research, not what's new or trending.


    Local Advertising for Medical Practices: What You Need To Know

    Medical practices typically are local by nature, with some exceptions here and there. If your office is located in Hampton Roads, you're probably not interested in reaching a potential patient in Raleigh, North Carolina. Because of this, your marketing should follow a more local approach and differ significantly from a more national-based business.

    Local marketing includes methods such as:

    • Including local identifiers (keywords, images) throughout your website to give a more local feel
    • Optimizing paid ads to reach customers in your area
    • Using social media to connect with the community and other local businesses
    • Utilizing Google Business and Bing Places to ensure your listing is up-to-date and promoting your business better than the competition
    • And much more!

    Who We Have Helped

    Medical Marketing FAQs

    How much should a medical practice spend on marketing?

    In our experience of working with medical practices, both large and small, a marketing budget should fall between 5-10% of your revenue.

    Are good reviews necessary for marketing to work?

    Especially in the case of medical practices, positive reviews help all marketing efforts immensely. Positive reviews demonstrate that you are a reliable practice and that the results you provide make for very happy patients. While direct word-of-mouth is a top source of new patients for many practices, online reviews are the new form of word-of-mouth.

    Why do medical organizations need marketing?

    Medical organizations and practices need marketing to garner new patients and nurture the relationships of their current patients. With more and more competition, the need to differentiate your medical practice from another is extremely valuable and marketing can help facilitate that.

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