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Are you using the right medium to deliver the best results? The advertising/marketing expenditures of a small business are often very sizable…following only personnel/payroll and inventory expenses.  So how and where those advertising dollars are spent is arguably as important as your personnel and what types of products and services you choose to sell.

Too often, media (online, television, radio, newspaper, outdoor, direct mail, etc.) is chosen for the wrong reasons: “I know someone”, “it seemed affordable”, “my competitor is using it”, “the pricing seemed fair”, “I had a creative idea”…and the list goes on and on.  Although these reasons are understandable, they should not be the main factor(s) when determining which medium will deliver the best results.

A few facts to consider when choosing the right medium to communicate your message: know the math behind what you are getting such as cost, cost efficiency, and reach; know your target audience. Minimize waste by knowing where to draw the line on the budget while still getting the desired results…not too little, not too much; and know which medium will convey your message best.   Not every stock or mutual fund is right for an individual or business; neither is every advertising medium. Advertising is investing in one’s business and future, so these are important areas to consider.

Find a trusted resource or hire an experienced person or company to guide you with your advertising investment.   Your time is best spent on your area of expertise.  For more information regarding the media, the message, and the math contact Rogers Advertising today.