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Making Every Point Count In Chesapeake!

Meet Quinton Moody, owner of Class 101 Chesapeake and advisor to many. Quinton, along with his wife Teresina, helps Hampton Roads Students and their parents navigate the college planning process.

In addition to general college planning, Class 101 offers standardized test prep courses to increase students’ overall scores, because every point counts.

Class 101 Chesapeake Owner Quinton Moody

Class 101 Chesapeake Owner, Quinton Moody

A Passion For Education

Quinton Moody has a passion for education, earning 3 college degrees – Associate’s Degree in Information Systems from Tidewater Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications from Capitol College, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University.

Quinton’s first-hand experience with post-secondary education has helped him understand the importance of college and the rising cost associated with it. These first-hand experiences help Quinton mentor students, advising them on ways to improve their academics, resume and essay development, scholarship searching and applications, and financial planning.



Class 101 Chesapeake customizes its services depending on a student’s grade level. Packages include, but are not limited to, SAT and ACT test-taking strategies, internship and volunteer opportunities, and essay development and workshops.

Class 101 8/9th Grade Freshman Services

8/9th Grade

Time is on your side! We set the foundation for success and provide a game plan for the next four years. This is the best time for your student to learn how to become a competitive collegiate applicant.

10th Grade

Early engagement is a game-changer! We recommend beginning your college planning journey no later than the 10th grade in order to maximize college and scholarship opportunities.

11th Grade

Junior year means crunch-time! This is the most important year for college planning.

12th Grade

Senior year means it’s time to apply to college! Our senior package helps you complete the application process.

Train Your Brain To Be A Better Test-Taker

Quinton also offers test preparation courses. The course includes classes taught live by an expert, a study guide, an online access portal, interactive practice quizzes, and personalized worksheets.

On average, students who take the ACT prep course increase scores by 3.1 points, and those that take the SAT prep course increase their scores by 170 points!

It’s Review Preview Time!

At Rogers Advertising, we set up review previews with our clients to review the results, trials, and tribulations they’ve experienced recently and to preview what they are hoping to see in future months. So we asked Quinton for a review and preview of his business.

What have been your proudest moments?

“When I look back over my years of running my business. I would have to say there have been many proud moments. However, just as I think this moment is my proudest moment, something will happen that makes me even prouder. If I have to choose the best proudest moment, I would have to say it was the day my outside signage was installed. This was the first time I felt like a business owner. The decision to start a business was difficult, risky, and caused me many nights of anxiety but it is worth it. That one decision led to many other proud moments that continue to happen.”

In the past few years, what has been your biggest obstacle?

“The biggest obstacle I faced was my own doubt. As a new business owner just having a good product or service is just the beginning. There are many aspects of running a business that were unfamiliar. I had to learn and apply what I learned. The unfamiliar or unknown has a way of feeding doubt. Recognizing your limitations and seeking help is a great way to succeed. I spoke with many other business owners and I utilized their knowledge and expertise. Speaking with other business owners helped me to plan for the future as an owner.

Class 101 Chesapeake Office Entrance

What are your future plans?

“The future is always on a business owner’s mind.  Creating daily, monthly, and yearly goals and targets just become part of life. Over the next few years, my goal is to expand. I plan to open another local location and to continue to play a role of more managing the business rather than focusing my activities on the day-to-day customer sales interactions. As an owner, we have to continually evolve.

Advice For Other Local Business Owners

The best advice I can give to other local business owners is to Network. Selling your product or service is important but networking provides a great way to expand your customer reach and may provide a steady influx of referrals that will lead to a continuing stream of sales. Networking will also open the door to other owners that can become mentors. Learning from other business owners can help you avoid pitfalls and also prepare for the unknown. Lastly, networking can lead to valuable support for your operations. Many owners may not be an expert in all aspects of running a business. Get help and rely on those that are.

If you’re a parent or know a parent who has a student needing some additional guidance, contact Quinton via his website.

Make sure you give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram and support local!

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