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There’s an adage in the advertising world, “keep it simple, say it often, make it burn”. This saying is simple and yet it packs a lot of sage advice concerning the fundamentals of Marketing.

When branding one’s business there should be laser focus on the company’s unique selling proposition; likewise, how that is conveyed should be clear, concise, and simple to understand by the customer. Too often with the creative process, we can get a little too clever and sometimes lose sight of that all-important message that we want our customers to remember most.

Say it often. In a world of a million messages coming at us, we need to say our message often to cut through the clutter. The frequency of the message is critical and quite often the highest share of voice wins. There are scores of companies that have remained consistent, kept their messages simple, and subsequently they own the customer’s share of mind and their industry’s share of market.

The last part of the phrase, “make it burn” speaks to the need to burn our message/brand into the customer’s mind…creating top of mind awareness. There are no shortcuts for this – it’s all about being consistent and relentless over time.

Remember, much like the busiest airports in the world, there are new customers arriving (and departing) daily that need our products and/or services…who will they think of first? Who will they prefer to do business with? Keep it simple, say it often, make it burn!